With the extensive choice of collaboration solutions available in the corporate marketplace, attention is now turning to the efficiency and effectiveness of the meetings themselves. BlueJeans has introduced a new technology called BlueJeans Smart Meetings which, they argue, helps companies get time back from wasted, unproductive meetings/ BlueJeans surveyed 700 professionals including managers and individual contributors, and 67% said that the numbers of meetings are on the rise and that 1/3 of the meetings are a waste of time. Meeting waste is set to cost the UK economy more than £45 billion this year, according to a report by Doodle.


BlueJeans believes that the wasted time stems from several common meeting problem.: The first is that many current meeting solutions do not automatically document the actions arising from decisions taken in the meeting. The second id that some participants are not active speakers during the meeting or cannot attend and want to contribute to the dialog after the meeting. And the third is there is often no continuous record of a series of interrelated meetings with ab accompanying audit trail for accountability.

BlueJeans Smart Meetings offers solutions by generating automatic email summaries that contain tailored meeting highlights and actions; a downloadable transcription, highlights and the video content for offline viewing; in-line action-items and to-dos identified during a meeting are tagged and assigned owners on the spot; automatic alerts and follow-up flags are used to increase visibility and enable organisations to develop a culture of accountability.

BlueJeans makes it possible to confidently skip meetings. by watching the highlights reel and turn an hour-long meeting recording into a seven-minute meeting recap. Users can access a persistent, dynamic meeting repository that presents a complete meeting register, a consolidated set of meeting highlights, and an access point for consuming meeting summaries.

The Smart Meeting concept is great as far as it goes and has the potential to evaluate the contribution made by each participant, ensuring that the right people have been invited. and the outcome of the meeting in relation to its objectives at the outset, BlueJeans can’t make meetings interesting and entertaining but they can at least ensure that there is some point to the exercise!


We are coming to the end of the first batch of the autumn trade shows, with IFA, IBC and a couple of local distributor shows illustrating the interesting dichotomy in technology markets today. While the trade shows are appropriate for launches and demonstrations of new products and solutions, the macro trends in areas such as artificial intelligence and alternative realities are the province of the conferences.

The IBC Conference in September highlighted the rise of the Internet platforms in competition with the broadcast media. The Conference highlight the divisions between audiences, largely on age lines reflecting viewing habits and even the choices of viewing devices. For the millennials and below, broadcast TV is very much the province of Mum and Dad, while the kids are much happier with their Netflix and YouTube on their phones and tablets.

SlaterMitch-e1517392814146This audience migration Is having a profound effect on the movement of ad spend with traditional media losing out in a big way. The effect is cutting across all the structure of the services supporting traditional media, with new suppliers creating some truly novel and memorable campaign ideas. How about the app that calculates how much time you have left with loved ones based on their anticipated life span and your pattern of interaction? 16 hours left with Grandma? And this as a means of boosting sales of bus and train tickets? Brilliant!