Innovation, and the pace of change in AV/IT technologies, has exposed limitations on traditional ways of monitoring the adoption of new business solutions. Extrapolating trends from historical data sourced from manufacturers, developers and their channel partners can be problematic when applied to innovative new solutions and paradigms, and circumstances subject to sudden change.

The Business Technology Trends Survey is designed to forecast patterns of adoption based on business needs and the levels of knowledge held by those tasked with influencing and authorising investments in innovative business technologies. Furthermore, those involved in technology markets will know that it is just as important to know why prospective customers decided not to invest in a specific technology, as those who did invest. Was it a lack of knowledge, a lack of budget or compatibility issues with legacy solutions?

The 2020 Edition of the Business Technology Survey will focus o levels of commitment to technologies  and brands in the channel, plus awareness and buying intentions of end-users. The 2020 Edition will launch at ISE2020, with the summary report published in May 2020. For more information contact:

Sample data from BTT
Sample data from the last Business Technology Survey